Coming to the end of this phase of Buckaroo Holiday, gang! Leaving Podbean soon. Join me on the Facebook alternative MeWe (as Mike Sport Murphy) and BY ALL MEANS hook up with my Patreon (

Will be starting the new show on Sheena's Jungle Room via WFMU soon. Hope ya dig this episode. Slainte!


September the Eleventh.

Another show, gets around. Skip the last half hour is my advice.


Hey gang. Is that a black star over the shoulder of Buckaroo Holiday? Well, maybe, but onward we ride, and always hope for brighter things down the trail. Details spelt out some on the show, so listen in... and you may ask me questions directly at Facebook or message me here, which may still work even if the axe falls. On with the show!!

Bad News

The industry is aggressively shutting down shows like this and another podcast here, hosted by a friend for years now, has been abruptly killed. I'm sure Buckaroo Holiday is next. Thanks for your participation in this thing, and if there's some alternative way of doing it, I'll announce it on my Facebook page (Sport Murphy). I could perhaps share shows as "mixtape" type premiums thru my Patreon, but only a few of you are involved with that, so I'm not sure it's an answer. I'm very sad about this, and cannot say for sure if this week's show will be the last or even whether it will go up at all. My best to everyone.

Twenty One Gun Salute!

Hello there! Got another one for you. Hope you like. Tell your pals, etc. I think the Patreon thing lost me a bunch. How dare I!! Anyway, mwah!

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Extra Bonus! Happy Bonus!

It's an EXTRA BONUS! A HAPPY BONUS! Bet you didn't expect one this soon, eh? Well, I'm doing my best to lift spirits and spread joy, 'cause then we'll get, y'know... world peace. Big announcement on this one, so prick up your ears, buckaroos. Actually here's a hint:

Hey Nineteen

After another interval of unintended length, a new show for yez. Still neglected to include a few requests and other things I'd intended, but there's always tomorrow, friends. Try and keep cool in the summer swamp... hope this helps.  

Well well!! Look what rears its ugly head once again! Several months of a fried computer, eventually replaced by a custom build by the prodigious Miles Murphy, and the Buckaroo rides again! Hope you're happy to hear this one, and I hope it isn't the last one; time will tell.


Shortly after the last episode, my computer died and I was unable to get a new one. My son built me one himself and thanks to his skill and effort I'm finally able to post here. I'm not going to use the episode I was almost ready to post when this all happened; too much time has passed and too much has changed. There may be new shows soon, I'm not sure, but even if I decide to drop the podcast I'll let you know.

A reply / reminder

Posting this for a new follower who may not have seen the earlier post about my inability to reply to comments here because I don't use a smartphone. Bear in mind that email or Facebook is a much better point of contact for questions and comments. Thanks, andi, for being so complimentary despite not being enthralled with my work. The limits of my talent combined with the limitlessness of my interest in other music made for work that was often ungainly, so I've come to expect most listeners saying "eh" to it. That's OK; some like it a lot, and finally I'm one of them, thanks to this experience. Like any hobbyist, my thing is making the stuff, and anything else is a bonus. Anyway, it's great that you find a lot to enjoy and think about here. And appreciated that you took the time to comment. I hope the upcoming "regular" shows continue to please. Cheers, pally!

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