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What an Objet, eh?

Last one. A new raffle of similarly exquisitefish_27vpal.jpg items coming soon for Patreon members! 

fish_45yits.jpgEvocative, no?


Here's a look at a very special souvenir made for Beloved Buckaroo Claudia! Showed these on the Patreon but thought some of you might like a peek as well. I'll post another couple of views.

Seeing as how everyone's likely homebound, I figured why not host a virtual party for all y'all, so we could see the New Year in "together?" Here's what you do:
Do not listen until New Year's Eve!!! And...

For the full show, timed correctly, begin listening at exactly 11 pm, your time. 
If you'd rather come in later, there are lines of demarcation at the half hour mark (start there at 11:30) and 45 minute mark (start there at 11:45).

Observing these SCIENTIFIC ('cause I know you, like I, "fuckin love science") guidelines will ensure gay merriment... countdown and midnight eruption of bliss inclusive. Will it be precise? Greenwich mean time or whatever? Well, I won't guarantee that, but Christ, at these prices what do you expect? 

Just ignore all external time of day signifiers and dwell in "Buckaroo Time" for the time being, and then everything will be copasetic. Rest assured, any toasts lifted at "midnight" your time will be met with same here at Buckaroo central, on the astral plane at least.

For anyone wishing to extend the party after 12:30, or to "switch out" the raucous music after midnight for something lighter and more relaxing, there will be an EXTRA HOUR of swell sounds on the Patreon.

REMEMBER: On the Second Buckaroo Holiday show way back when, I offered a detailed recipe for preparing the official cocktail of Buckaroo Holiday, the Buckaroo, of course. Presuming you're reading this beforehand, go on and pick up those ingredients and make some cold frosty Buckaroos for MAXIMUM VIRTUAL PARTY "FUN!"

ALSO: You "rebel" types or "essential workers" denied the thrill of real-time countdown fun, just have your own New Years party ANY TIME YOU PLEASE. As often as you want. What's the goddamn difference? All bets are off anymore anyhow.

Hope some of you take advantage of this very special and incredibly thoughtful service on my part, and may you all have a healthy and prosperous 2021 if such things are possible. 

Have a great holiday, a lovely New Year's, and all the moxie you'll need for the year ahead. 

Covers a-Poppin’!

Another specially commissioned show, this time concentrating on cover versions. This one was fun to make! LISTEN IN FOR INFO ON SENDING REQUESTS FOR THE "COMPANION SPECIAL"


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A Fairly Organic Episode

Back to a non-com, non-theme show for now... well, a kinda coincidental "themelet" emerges, but nothing too intrusive. 

I can be "friended" here, but you probably won't: 

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You can find me on either site by searching Mike Sport Murphy, for that is who I am.

Here it is, MY birthday, and I'm giving YOU a gift. Sheesh!! Actually, you can thank Buckaroo Buddy Ron for commissioning this extra special special.

Now, some people express a distaste for this kind of music... well, no accounting for taste. Herein there are oddities and true delights. Hope you dig, and thanks, Ron!! Hope you enjoy it, most of all. AND there is a PART 2 with a slightly different emphasis, up now or shortly on my Patreon page.

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Souvenir giveaway number 2 next time!!!


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