Shortly after the last episode, my computer died and I was unable to get a new one. My son built me one himself and thanks to his skill and effort I'm finally able to post here. I'm not going to use the episode I was almost ready to post when this all happened; too much time has passed and too much has changed. There may be new shows soon, I'm not sure, but even if I decide to drop the podcast I'll let you know.

A reply / reminder

Posting this for a new follower who may not have seen the earlier post about my inability to reply to comments here because I don't use a smartphone. Bear in mind that email or Facebook is a much better point of contact for questions and comments. Thanks, andi, for being so complimentary despite not being enthralled with my work. The limits of my talent combined with the limitlessness of my interest in other music made for work that was often ungainly, so I've come to expect most listeners saying "eh" to it. That's OK; some like it a lot, and finally I'm one of them, thanks to this experience. Like any hobbyist, my thing is making the stuff, and anything else is a bonus. Anyway, it's great that you find a lot to enjoy and think about here. And appreciated that you took the time to comment. I hope the upcoming "regular" shows continue to please. Cheers, pally!

This is NOT a regular Buckaroo Holiday, either. It's the second part of my audio "document dump" ...this time mainly being a flow of numbers from the Skels and onward through the final album, A Room of Voices. I hope there's enough entertainment in here to please the curious as well as the True Faithful, and if anyone has any questions, comments, lyric clarification requests, thank-you gifts, et al, feel free to write me at mcvouty (at) optonline (dot) net. Facebook still works as a point of contact too, for now. Cheers and thank you to all the musicians and engineers whose work made these recordings possible, and thank YOU for your indulgence. Not all these are what I call my "best" stuff; it's an attempt at a representative sampling, so apologies for any favorites I omitted. Sonics are wildly variable, dependent on available sources. A regular, fun-and-real-music-packed episode will be here before you know it. I dedicate these shows to the beloved memory of Joe Williams.

This is NOT a regular Buckaroo Holiday. One of those will be along very soon. This is a special presentation in two long parts, serving as a summary of my years making music. If you are a stranger to my music, I suggest listening to part 2 first. This first part consists of a conversation Jim Allen and I had here at home, shortly before the shutdown. Interspersed are recordings spanning 30 years of work. You are forgiven if you fast forward through the chatter in order to hear the songs, and you are forgiven if you skip the whole thing. But I think some might find it all worthwhile; this is a personally necessary act of purgative therapy, but I wouldn't post it if I didn't think it held some degree of interest for others. Thank you Jim Allen for insisting I do this and making it happen. I expect an all-time low in listenership on this, but it was worth it. I dedicate these shows to the beloved memory of Joe Williams.

Your safety and well-being is our number one concern, so we've taken steps to ensure a safe experience for you when enjoying Buckaroo Holiday! But some very foolhardy, very bad people insist on listening to the show in large, densely-packed groups of unsafe, unmasked people. We continue to discourage this activity by avoiding familiar favorites and maintaining a strict no-reggaeton policy. We ask that, as you listen - safely and at a good distance from friends, family and large zoo animals - you constantly bake treats for first responders & bang metal objects in support of tireless caregivers... and always remember: the real heroes are the ones who entertain us all with safe, effective, peer-reviewed audio shenanigans. If you all behave (and inform us immediately of those who don't), we promise a really great... and safe... fireworks show in a couple of months.

Lucky Thirteen!!

Friends, Romans, Countrymen... lend me your ears. We come to bury two hours as zestfully as possible. So pour a drink, get comfy and hunker in style with this ALL NEW Buckaroo Holiday! You'll need a sponge bath after this one! Woo!!

Twelfth Night

Officially making it a baker's dozen of Buckaroo Holidays, we return with more of the sounds you never even knew you needed. A tree falling in the forest, narrowly missing a shitting bear. You know, given an infinite number of shitting bears, one will excrete the bust of Homer. Contemplate that.

Buchmanite Nackaway!

A "lagniappe" you might say... a half-assed freebie to occupy some of your time during this very weird phase of our lives. Not a "canonical" BH episode, mind you, but a gesture of love and caring from us here at the School Yard Gents. So no complaints. Sheesh... people...


Went ahead with a new show despite misgivings about whether these times call for silliness like this. Hope it entertains. What else is there to say, but love to all, and all the best for your health and future. I lift my JFK glass to us all. L'Chaim!

Hang Ten!

Basil Wolverton, The Great American Dream Machine, Impractical Jokers, Roadside America, Berrie jigglers, White Castle, Port Ellen whisky, habitat dioramas, Preston Sturges, Knoebel's... and these times we share, dear listener... just a few of my favorite things!!!

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