A reply / reminder

Posting this for a new follower who may not have seen the earlier post about my inability to reply to comments here because I don't use a smartphone. Bear in mind that email or Facebook is a much better point of contact for questions and comments. Thanks, andi, for being so complimentary despite not being enthralled with my work. The limits of my talent combined with the limitlessness of my interest in other music made for work that was often ungainly, so I've come to expect most listeners saying "eh" to it. That's OK; some like it a lot, and finally I'm one of them, thanks to this experience. Like any hobbyist, my thing is making the stuff, and anything else is a bonus. Anyway, it's great that you find a lot to enjoy and think about here. And appreciated that you took the time to comment. I hope the upcoming "regular" shows continue to please. Cheers, pally!


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